Effective Workers’ Comp Claims Management

CompWest is built on the foundational belief that doing the right thing is good business, which is why we created our leading-edge workers’ compensation claims management strategies.

These strategies are built upon on our Workers’ Compensation with Care® philosophy that:

  • Injured workers who feel cared for want to get back to work quickly.
  • Fast and personal attention can reduce the risk of litigation.
  • Rapid injury reporting yields better treatment and more premium savings.

The CompWest Claims Difference

We understand the value of effective workers’ comp claims management, which is why we use predictive claims analytics to combat rising industry medical and litigation costs. These analytics also give us the ability to identify claims prone to litigation, so we can manage them appropriately.

To access claims resources, please visit the Claims section of our Resource Library.

We do our best to help you ensure accidents don’t happen. However, when they do, we’ll be there to guide you. To gain a better understanding of the claim process and how we support you throughout it, click the link below:

Claim Quick Step Guide


The first step is to file a claim within 24 hours of when an injury occurs. To file a claim, click the link below.

File a Claim

Are you in Georgia, Tennessee or Virginia? Injured workers must select a provider from a list developed by their employer and insurance carrier. A list of providers can be found on our secure portal. For login instructions, click here.

For additional documents to support you in the claim process, click the link below.

Claims Materials