CompWest is built on the foundation that doing the right thing is good business, which is why we created our leading-edge claims management strategies, including Workers’ Compensation with Care® and our Keep at Work® program.

These strategies are built upon on the philosophy that:

  • Injured workers who feel cared for want to get back to work quickly.
  • Fast and personal attention can reduce the risk of litigation.
  • Rapid injury reporting yields better treatment and more premium savings.

When it comes to managing claims, CompWest is committed to providing superior service to our customers. We proactively care for injured workers through our Workers’ Compensation with Care® model while keeping costs manageable for our policyholders.

The CompWest Claims Difference

We understand the value of effective workers’ comp claims management, which is why we use predictive claims analytics to combat rising industry medical and litigation costs. These analytics also give us the ability to identify claims prone to litigation so we can manage them appropriately.

To learn more about reporting claims and to access claims resources, please visit our Claims section in our Toolbox.