Five Ways to Improve Ladder Safety This Month

March 14, 2019

March is National Ladder Safety Month, reminding us to focus on safety efforts that help eliminate ladder-related injuries and fatalities – common citations on OSHA’s annual list of top 10 violations. It’s especially important considering falls – including falls from ladders – are the second most deadly cause of workplace death.

Check out these resources to encourage ladder safety throughout the workplace:

  1. Ladder Safety Training Library
    This free safety training tool from the American Ladder Institute can aid in proper selection, care and safe use of all ladders. It includes online safety training modules, safe ladder video demonstrations and safety tests for various ladder types and applications.
  2. OSHA Quick Card – Portable Ladder Safety
    This printable card includes portable ladder safety basics, such as reminders about ladder inspection and setup, three points of contact, proper footwear and more.
  3. Ladder Safety Month Checklist
    Post this checklist of safety tips from the American Ladder Institute at employee job sites or in common areas. It offers reminders about ladder dynamics and safe surroundings and emphasizes user behavior with questions like, “Are the soles of your shoes clean? Did you remember a tow line or tool belt? Are you tired or dizzy?”
  4. Portable Ladder Safety Handout
    Straight from the CompWest Loss Control Toolbox, this handout outlines when and how to safely use portable ladders. It includes tips on care, use, inspection, maintenance and storage of ladders and how to determine the best ladder for the job.
  5. Sample Fall Protection Program
    Our sample fall protection program can also be found in the CompWest Loss Control Toolbox. Download it to help identify and evaluate employee fall hazards and provide proper controls and training.

To learn more about ladder safety and National Ladder Safety Month, visit


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