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CompWest Quarterly – December 2022

Happy Holidays from CompWest!

A few days before Christmas,
and Hanukkah’s here.
We’re closing the books
on a tumultuous year.

We started the year
with unfilled positions.
We launched a new system.
That’s a lot of transition.

The market still soft,
making prices too low.
When will it change?
We all want to know

We cried in our coffee,
we beat up our liver.
We grumbled and groaned,
we shook and we shivered.

What do we do?
Do we give up in shame?
Not at CompWest.
We stay in the game

We hustled, we hired,
we fought through the mess.
We backed up each other,
we all brought our best!

The year kept on going,
the system improved…
the market stayed stupid,
but we still found our groove!

Connecting with agents,
still writing new business.
Forging relationships
up to and past Christmas!

The new year ahead
looks shiny and bright.
We have a full team.
We’ll continue to fight.

The market will turn.
We’ll get an adequate rate.
Some carriers will learn
just a little too late. 

But here we will be,
steady and strong.
Bringing great service
like we have all along.

So close out this year
and think of CompWest…
Our people, our product,
our refusal to rest.

Thanks to you all
for all that you do.
Your partnership, your friendship
and your new business too.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

– Gene Simpson, VP of Underwriting and Marketing


AF Group’s A.M. Best Rating Reaffirmed!

This week we received confirmation from A.M. Best that our financial strength rating of “A” (Excellent) and “stable” outlook has been reaffirmed – great news that reflects the stability and success of AF Group and its brands. 

We’re appreciative of the ongoing commitment of our agent partners that has allowed us to establish such a strong financial foundation – and provides assurance and confidence to our shared customers. 

On behalf of AF Group and its affiliate brands, thank you for your continued partnership. We look forward to our future success. 


AmeriTrust Group Acquisition

As we announced in April, AF Group, through its subsidiary Accident Fund, has entered into a definitive agreement to purchase AmeriTrust Group. While we work through obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals, which we anticipate should be finalized soon, our teams are working to ensure a seamless experience for our agent partners, customers and teammates. 


Class Expansion

In an ongoing effort to increase our value to our agent partners, we’re excited to announce that we’re now accepting submissions for sewer and water main construction and associated excavation, as well as waste management classes.

Additional information for each class is listed below: 

Sewer and Water Main Construction & Associated Excavation  

Eligible class codes are as follows: 

  • 0251 – Irrigation, drainage or reclamation work 
  • 6218 – Excavation/grading (low wage) 
  • 6220 – Excavation/grading (high wage) 
  • 6258 – Foundation preparation work  
  • 6307 – Sewer construction – all operations (low wage) 
  • 6308 – Sewer construction – all operations (high wage) 
  • 6315 – Water mains or connections construction (low wage) 
  • 6316 – Water mains or connections construction (high wage) 
  • 6325 – Conduit construction or underground wiring 
  • 6364 – Irrigation pipe install – agribusiness 

Submissions must meet the following criteria: 

  • Contractors that engage in the construction of underground utilities, including water piping, electric power cables and fiberoptic networks 
  • Minimum modified premium requirement of $350,000  
  • Mandatory loss control inspection 

Waste Management 

Eligible class codes are as follows: 

  • 6218/6220 – Grading land CA (related to landfill operations) 
  • 7580 – Sanitary or sanitation districts operation 
  • 8106 – Iron or steel merchants – not junk dealers 
  • 8500 – Metal scrap dealers 
  • 8847 – Beverage container collection 
  • 9402 – Sewer or tank cleaning 
  • 9403 – Garbage, ash, refuse collection 
  • 9424 – Garbage, ashes or refuse dump operations 
  • 9426 – Septic services 

Automated waste collection and recycling, transportation, well-controlled processing and resale operations, garbage haulers, and scrap metal dealers are included. 

Submissions must meet the following criteria: 

  • Minimum modified premium requirement (7580, 9402, 9403, 9426) of $350,000  
  • Supplemental application needed  
  • Mandatory loss control inspection 

We appreciate your partnership in our continued growth and look forward to these new opportunities to serve your book of business. 

Please contact your business development consultant with questions or for additional information. 


Agency Education 2023 Offerings

The Agency Education team is excited to offer their slate of 2023 training offerings. These courses are the perfect way to help you advance your career and improve your job performance by expanding your knowledge of workers’ compensation. From in-person classes and virtual trainings to on-demand eLearning modules and more, the team has development opportunities that meet the needs of our agent partners. 

For more information, review the 2023 Course Offerings flyer and see below for a list of upcoming opportunities: 

  • Food for Thought monthly webinar: The first session, which focuses on OSHA reporting, kicks off on Jan. 10 from noon to 12:45 EST. Register here. 
  • CAWC offerings begin Jan. 31-Feb. 2 with a virtual class for IA, IL. IN, MI and WI agents. Register here 
  • Building a Safety Foundation – a free introductory training series for newer safety professionals and workers’ compensation insurance agents, designed to help you protect your most valuable asset – your employees — begins Feb. 21. For additional details, review the 2023 flyer and click here. 


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