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Third Quarter 2018

New Video: CompWest Gets Injured Workers 'Back to Life'
We genuinely care about making sure injured workers recover, and we couldn’t do it without the partnership of our agents and customers. We hope you’ll watch and share our latest video, part of a new advertising campaign highlighting how we get injured workers back to work – and back to life.

Watch it here.

Reminder - We Write Social Services!

Don’t forget – as of July 1, CompWest writes business in the social services sector, expanding our appetite to increase the value we bring to your agency. We target California-only social services accounts with annual premiums between $10,000 and $1,000,000 – observing no experience modifier limits. Learn more about eligible operations and submission requirements.

Renewing Your CAWC Designation

It’s that time again – year-end renewal invoicing for Certified Authority on Workers’ Compensation (CAWC) designations. CAWC graduates will receive a reminder notice by Nov. 1 of their renewal year, and the invoice in December, which is due by Jan. 1. Renewal dates, which are bi-annual, are indicated in the letter sent to each CAWC graduate when they receive their CAWC certificate.

Ten continuing education credits are required to maintain the CAWC designation, including three hours of ethics and seven additional hours pertaining to any commercial class or workers’ compensation. A credit hour is 50 minutes; a half credit hour may be applied for half hour sessions.

Classes that are eligible for renewal credit are:

  • Any CE class or webinar offered by our organization
  • Kessler training programs that cover workers’ compensation issues
  • CIC or CPCU classes that cover workers’ compensation issues
  • Workers’ comp seminars put on by professional agent associations

It’s simple and easy to report classes or webinars for credit. Click here to submit that information. You will receive a confirmation email letting you know your credits have been filed.

A $200 fee is required to renew your CAWC designation. For more information about renewal, email the AF Group training team or click here.

Learn more about the CAWC program on our website. Here are just a few positive comments from CompWest agent partners who completed the program in May:

  • “The program provided a lot of info in a condensed form and learning about direct/indirect workers’ comp costs was great. It has the potential to be a great selling tool.”
  • “The group sessions created a team environment that helped us retain information.”
  • “Instructors were very engaged in their topics and made learning interactive and fun.”
  • “The instructors did a great job! They kept us very engaged – never bored.”
Best's Review – The Data Antidote

Best’s Review recently published an article about the opioid crisis featuring insights from AF Group’s own Medical Director, Dr. Dan Hunt, who discusses the industry’s response and our company’s successful efforts to reduce opioid use.

CompWest's Top 10

Click here for a list of our top 10 written class codes during the past six months in both our Southern and Northern California regions.

Please contact your business development consultant with questions or to learn more.

Legislative Updates

Find the latest legislative movements affecting the workers’ compensation industry, including bipartisan opioid legislation.

Federal – Bipartisan Opioid Legislation

Recently, the United States Senate passed a comprehensive bill package intended to impact the national opioid crisis. Included in the bill are efforts to increase access to treatment programs for those citizens addicted as well as initiatives aimed to significantly reduce the amount of painkillers entering the United States illegally. Earlier this Summer, the House of Representatives enacted similar legislation. We anticipate the Senate and House will come to some form of compromise on this initiative and send a final bill package to the President for signature by the end of the year.

Gubernatorial Elections: California
Gubernatorial elections are taking place this year. The current governor has protected the industry from harmful initiatives throughout their time in office. The election results will impact industry political and regulatory climates. The recent poll numbers outlined below show where things stand:


  • Republican: John H. Cox Democratic: Gavin Newsom
    • Recent Poll: (from Sept. 5-17) has the Democratic Candidate Gavin Newsom in the lead at 52% to Republican Candidates John Cox’s 40%.