Machinery Lockout Tagout – an Important Topic for California Manufacturers

Failure to implement an effective machinery lockout/tagout program is one of the most frequent violations issued to California manufacturers by Cal/OSHA. It is also one of the most prevailing reasons for serious equipment injuries.

General Industry Safety Orders 3114 require machinery capable of movement to be stopped and the power source de-energized to prevent inadvertent movement during cleaning, servicing and adjusting operations. Accident prevention signs/tags must be placed on the controls of the machinery power source.

Employees who are responsible for cleaning, repairing, servicing, setting-up, adjusting and un-jamming prime movers must be trained on the use of effective lockout/tagout methods. All remaining plant employees, not specifically involved in these operations, must be instructed on the prohibition against attempting to restart machines or equipment that is locked or tagged out.

Employers must train affected employees on hazardous energy control procedures and the hazards related to performing activities. All related efforts must be consistently implemented and documented.

If you are unsure if your company’s lockout program meets Cal/OSHA standards, contact your CompWest loss control consultant for evaluation and direction.

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