eLink Tips


Editing Status

When editing your submission, please remember to hit the “rate summary” tab after you have updated all of the necessary information. If you do not take this step, your submission will be stuck in “editing” and your BDC will not be able to see the account.
Accepted and Quoted Status

If you are presenting a quote, make sure the submission is in either “Accepted” or “Quoted” status. Otherwise, the number you see is an indication only and is not bindable.
Referred Status

A “referred” status means your quote has been entered and rated into eLink. The market is blocked, but the system requires the business development consultant to underwrite the account in order for it to be a presentable and bindable quote.
Unquoted Status

An “Unquoted” status means your market is not blocked, so other agencies can potentially log in to that account and block you from the market. Make sure your submissions are never in an unquoted status to ensure that you have reserved the market for your agency.


Addressing eLink Login Error Messages
Are you occasionally receiving a “this page cannot be displayed” error message when trying to log into eLink?
Try selecting “File” then “New Session” and this should clear the error and allow you to log back into eLink.
Policyholder Email Now Legally Required
Per California law, the policyholder email address is now a required field for California policies. Please note that email communication will be limited.
Automatic Renewal Policies in eLink
Most renewal policies under $25,000 in premium will now automatically renew 31 days prior to the effective date. Upon issuance, a policy notification and copies of your renewal can be found in your Agent Inbox in eLink.
Employee Counts for Policy Renewals
Please provide employee counts per business location for upcoming policy renewals.
Documenting Policyholder Email Addresses
Per California State law, please provide your BDC with the policyholder’s email address when sending in renewal specs, whenever possible.
Binding Renewal Policies
Your renewal policy, once it has been bound, will be available in your Agent Inbox the following business day.
Policy Renewals Made Easy in eLink
On May 1, 2016, all remaining CompWest policies in our former policy quoting and submission system, Stone River, will be moved into our current system, eLink. For many agents, this will be the first time policy renewals have been processed through a new system.
Agents will be contacted with renewal questions and information, including renewal quotes, 30 to 60 days prior to a policy’s expiration date.
Entering New Business in eLink Before the Effective Date

New business can be entered into eLink as early as 120 days before the effective date. Let’s start securing the market!
Description with Attachments

When attaching documents in eLink, please be sure to enter a document description in the “Notes” field.  This is useful information for your business development consultant when processing your request.

Updates Improve Ease of Business

Materials Available to Attach/Print with Policy Documents

Agents now have the opportunity to select marketing materials within eLink to include with the quote and application prints.  This new functionality will allow you to select up to 10 of our most popular materials that will automatically print with quotes/policies for policyholder presentations.


What will change in eLink?

  • After the quote or application print button is selected, you will have the option to select up to 10 marketing materials to present with the quote or application prints.
  • When documents are selected to be attached to a quote, you’ll need to select the ‘Combine’ button to generate the document in a PDF format.
  • Upon selecting the ‘Combine’ button, all selected materials will be combined into a single PDF document, along with the quote/application print.
  • The marketing materials will be displayed after the quote/application print.
  • You will have the option to print, email or save the document.
  • All selected marketing materials will display and print in full color.
  • Policyholder Email Contact and Website Fields Added

In an effort to improve communication with our policyholders, we’re adding policyholder email and website fields within eLink. Obtaining this information provides an opportunity to keep customers up-to-date on new policyholder offerings or changes to services.

Beginning in March, agents will be required to enter the policyholder’s email address and website when submitting business in eLink. When quoting, two new fields will be present on the eLink applicant tab to capture this information.

What will change in eLink:

  • The Applicant Tab in eLink will now display a field for entry of the policyholder email address.
  • The Applicant Tab in eLink will now display a field for entry of the website.


Other eLink tips can be found on our website.  You can also contact your BDC with any questions.

Adding Contacts When Binding a Policy

When you are binding a policy through eLink, please make sure that you add ALL necessary contacts on the “Policy Contact” tab (Audit, Claims, Loss Control, etc.). The only time you will need to hit the “Add Policy Contact” button is when you need to add a name you haven’t already entered.
Locating Policy Documents in eLink

All policy documents can be found in your Agent’s Inbox, which can be accessed on the left sidebar in eLink under Support Links.
elink Tip Policy Documents
Policy Ownership Changes

If there are changes that need to be made to your policy, such as a change in ownership, please contact your business development consultant and provide proper documentation.
Entering Insured’s Name

When entering the primary applicant name on the “applicant” tab, please make sure that it is the federal/parent name.  You will fill out NI and DBAs in the designated fields below.
Binding a Policy

Once at the binding stage, make sure the Owner/Officer tab adds up to 100% between all of the insured’s Owner’s/Officers. If this tab does not equal 100%, you could potentially get an error message.
Refer to BDC Button

The Refer to BDC button allows users to refer a quote to a their BDC when they are ready. This gives agents the chance to change information and re-rate a quote, without it automatically referring to the BDC. If a quote requires review by a BDC, a message will appear in red above the Refer to BDC button.
Refer to BDC Button (for CompWest)

Until referred, the quote status will be “Referral Needed” in the Existing Quote Index with the Premium column blank.
Referall Needed (for CompWest)

Users must select the Refer to BDC button on the Rate/Summary tab or the Referral button on the Existing Quotes Index when they are ready to send a quote to the BDC. When a quote refers, users will see the message “Referred for Underwriting Reasons” and the status will change to “Referred.”

Note: Agents still have the ability to edit a quote even when it is has been referred.

Attaching Documents

Quotes may require additional documents, and this guide titled Quick Tips and Tricks for Attaching Documents in eLink will help you master the steps involved.
Additional eLink Help

Please refer to this document for additional help.

For more information about Real-Time with Transformation Station for Applied TAM, click here.