eLink Policy Submission and Quoting System

Our policy submission and quoting system, eLink, is an intuitive system with an “agent-centric” focus so we can be your ease of business partner. Our model will enhance your workers’ compensation e-business experience by:

  • Accelerating the quoting process with real-time submission upload
  • Increasing the number of bindable quotes online
  • Improving the turnaround time on referred quotes
  • Offering smart edits that display eLink errors or missing information
  • Providing policy inquiry screens that give detail on accounts


Download automatically updates your agency management system each night with declaration page information. These updates eliminate the need to manually key in information to your agency management system. Download updates your system with policy detail for new business, renewals, endorsements and cancellations.


eLink provides Real-Time Rating technology that creates efficiencies for our partner agents. By integrating Real-Time Rating into daily workflows, tasks become easier to complete and require less time from agency staff. We look forward to providing you with additional Real-Time inquiry options in the near future.

For more information about Real-Time with Transformation Station for Applied TAM, click here.