CompWest serves customers with annual premiums up to $1M, with the ability to entertain larger premiums on a case-by-case basis. Manufacturing continues to be an industry that CompWest specializes in and is the endorsed carrier of the California Manufacturers & Technology Association (CMTA). Our specialized partnerships have allowed us to be a market leader for our manufacturing customers.

Eligible Operations include:

Up to $500,000 in premium*

  • Aircraft engine manufacturing or rebuilding
  • Automobile or motorcycle manufacturing or assembling
  • Battery manufacturing
  • Boiler manufacturing
  • Brick or clay building products manufacturing
  • Building or roofing paper or felt asphalt saturation
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Chemical mixing or repackaging
  • Concrete products manufacturing
  • Electroplating, electrogalvanizing or anodizing
  • Iron or steel works
  • Machinery or equipment manufacturing
  • Mobile/modular/manufactured home or building mfg.
  • Pipe, tube or extrusion manufacturing
  • Plaster board manufacturing
  • Power supply manufacturing
  • Vegetable oil manufacturing or refining

Up to $1M in premium*

  • Aircraft components
  • Bottling
  • Breweries
  • Cabinets
  • Confections and food sundries
  • Electronic and electrical Products
  • Food products
  • Frames
  • Furniture
  • Hardware
  • Machine shops
  • Metal products
  • Paper products
  • Plastic goods
  • Signs
  • Textile, cloth & leather products
  • Tool
  • Wineries
  • Wood products

Excluded Operations:

  • Foundries
  • Millwright

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*Higher premium risks considered on a case-by-case basis.

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